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nr 1/2003 "am i beautiful?"
       (in german only)

(ca. 1,3 MB)

"impulse" is the small journal which is published by the Students Work in Germany.

The titel characterizes the way how, in each number, one theme will be treated not exhausting but stimulating, we hope.

The journal is sended to everybody, who's address was announced to the Students Work, one part directly, another part through the congregations at their living places.

Owing to a contribution of the Conferences it is possible to deliver the journal for free. This is helpful to stay in touch especially with people who are in education away from home.
Beside the theme and the so called students corner in the "impulse" there are notified the meetings to which the Students Work invites.

In course of time on this site shall be to find more and more of the passed numbers. For the time being there is the possibility to download one of the booklets as a *.pdf file.


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